On this page you will find instructions for properly handling, applying, removing, reusing, and storing your Gems. You will also find additional product information, important disclaimers, and photo instructions for easy application.



STEP 1: Skin Preparation

Thoroughly clean the area of skin where you will be applying your Gems. Clean skin using alcohol wipes or soap and water. After your skin has been cleaned do not use any lotions, oils, or perfumes on the area. Skin MUST be clean and dry to ensure your Gems adhere correctly, and stay in place as intended. Remember, your clothes may have lotion or oil on them from earlier. If you put your bra or top back on before your Gems, you may need to clean the area again.

IMPORTANT: Irritation is not common when applying and wearing Gina's Gems. If you notice any unusual irritation or issues after using Gina's Gems products it is recommended that you remove all Gems and Glue and discontinue application.

STEP 2: Preparing Gems for Application

Remove your Gems from the card you received them on. Carefully peel the backing paper off of each pastie, discard paper, and lay your Gems face down on a clean surface.

Upon first use of every set of Gems, peel off the backing paper. It is very important that you practice applying your Gems before using my Glue. This is a good time to stand in front of a mirror and work on the best placement for your Gems and to get comfortable with correctly handling them.

STEP 3: Applying Gina's Gem Glue

Shake your Gina's Gems Glue bottle well before every use. Open the bottle and use the brush included with the cap or a Q-Tip to apply the Glue.  Using your thumb and forefinger, hold the Gems by the center of both sides. Apply a thin layer of Glue around just the outer edge of the backing (you do not need to use a lot). Be sure to leave the center area of the Gem free of Glue, this will make removal easier and also lessen the chance of irritation to your skin after use. Repeat the same process to the other Gem.

IMPORTANT: Leave Gems in a safe area and let the Glue dry. Glue will be white when applied wet and will change to completely clear as it dries, usually within 5-10 minutes. The glue must be completely dry (clear) before applying Gems to skin. If dried properly, there should be no Glue left on your skin when you remove your pasties at the end of the night. If the Glue is still wet, your Gems will not stick properly, may not stay in the correct placement, and you may notice left over glue residue on your skin after you remove your pasties. 

Once the Glue is clear and dry you may leave them untouched as long as you need. No need to hurry, the Glue will stay tacky and will be ready when you are. 

STEP 4: Applying your Gems

Applying your Gems is easiest done in front of a mirror. This will help to ensure even placement. Lifting from the center, hold one Gem up close to where you want it, focusing on alignment and correct level. Once your Gem is where you want it, lightly press it down to your skin and hold the Gem against your skin to secure it in place. If you follow these steps your Gems will stay in place until you decide to remove them. 

When used properly, Gina's Gems Glue is so strong that it can be used to lift the breast or pull to either side to make both pasties appear more even.

If you have trouble applying your Gems or you are not satisfied with your placement, gently peel the pastie(s) off your skin. Glue is very sticky when first applied so carefully work around the outer edge, slowly lifting until the seal between the backing and your skin releases. I recommend you start the process over now, clean your skin again, glue the backing of the Gem again and try your application again... Practice makes perfect!

If you plan on wearing your Gems with a low cut top or shirt, put the shirt on before applying your Gems. If you plan on wearing your Gems to an event or for an extended period of time, it is never a bad idea to carry the glue with you in the rare case that any of your pasties should lift off your skin and need a touch up. If this does occur, be sure that the area is clean and dry and reapply Glue to the area where it is needed. Allow the glue to dry and turn clear before you press the Gem down to your skin. 

GINA'S GEMS ARE NOT WATERPROOF! Exposure to water or other liquids may damage the integrity of the Gems. Do not swim with your Gems or submerge them in water. 

STEP 5: Removal of Gems

When you are ready to remove your Gems, start by gently lifting up on the outer edges of the Gems. It is important to do this slowly and carefully. Work around the outside, lifting as you go until you feel the Gems come loose from your skin. If you do this too fast or pull too hard you may damage your Gems, tear the backing or cause a stone to separate from the backing.  Gina's Gems are delicate but will last a long time and hold up through multiple uses if they are removed and handled properly.

STEP 6: Storing of Gems

Once removed, place your Gems onto a piece of wax paper with the Glue side facing down. Store them in a dry, safe place. If any Glue residue remains on your skin after removal, use alcohol wipes or Goo Gone on a tissue or cotton ball to clean off the excess residue. Be careful using any chemical on your skin, always test an area if you are concerned.

IMPORTANT: It is not necessary to remove or clean the used Glue from your Gems in any way. Through multiple uses, you may allow the Glue to accumulate in thin layers over time on the back of your Gems. This actually will help to make your Gems more sturdy with each use. 


Gina's Gems Glue is offered in 1/4 oz. and 1/2 oz. bottles available for purchase at GINASGEMFACTORY.  Bottles come with a small brush under the cap for applying glue or use a Q-tip.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. If swallowed, drink water. In case of eye contact flush eyes thoroughly with water. Shake well before using. Close cap tightly after each use. Keep from freezing. INGREDIENTS: Water, Acrylic Emulsion, Glycerol, Guar Gum, Sorbitol, Benzyl Alcohol (as a preservative).