Why choose Gina's Gems? What sets your pasties apart from the others?

First off, I strive to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of my customers with every order. Creating unique and custom pasties is my passion. I am not in the business of peel and stick, flat, one dimensional cutouts. I use only the highest quality materials and each set of Gems are hand-crafted from start to finish exclusively by me, Gina. This process requires tedious amounts of detail, time, and skill as each Gem is set one at a time in order to ensure a high quality aesthetic. My Gems are designed with reusability in mind and can be worn multiple times if taken proper care of. 

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How are Gina's Gems pasties applied?

Applying your Gems is easy and you can do it yourself using a mirror along with Gina's Gems Glue. Each order comes with a set of easy-to-follow instructions to get you on your way to looking fabulous. Additionally, further instructions can be found on my HOW TO page, including step by step photo instructions.

How do I determine the correct size Gems I will need?

Do you have a ruler or tape measure? Alright, just measure your areolas in inches. I will need two measurements - one vertical and one horizontal. If one areola is larger, please include that measurement so I can assure the design will be the right fit. Once you have the initial measurement for coverage of the areola, you can add more beyond that to expand the size of the Gems as desired. Contact me through my ETSY SHOP when ordering if you need further help with sizing and I will get you covered!

How do Gina's Gems adhere to skin and stay put?

My Gems should always be applied using Gina's Gems Glue which is a medical grade, water based adhesive that is safe for your skin. When applied properly using the included instructions, your pasties will stay on until you decide to remove them. Click HERE to view my HOW TO page with detailed instructions for easy application of your Gems.

How many times can I wear my Gina's Gems Reusable Pasties?

If stored correctly and handled properly,  you will be able to use your pasties as many times as you'd like. See my HOW TO page for care instructions and what to avoid to ensure your pasties last their longest, most beautiful life! 

Are Gina's Gems waterproof?

No they are not. Because of the delicacy of the Gems and the products used to make them durable and reusable, I do not recommend submerging your pasties in water and/or exposing them to water. Average amounts of sweating should not damage your pasties, however excessive exposure to liquid of any kind may compromise the integrity of the Gems. 

Where can I wear my Gems in public without issue?

I highly recommend checking your specific location for local laws and regulations. Every state, city, and event is different.

How will my order be shipped?     

All Gina's Gems orders are shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Free shipping is available on most orders through Etsy. Expedited shipping is also available upon request.

How long will it take to receive my order? 

All Gems are handmade and are subject to availability of materials as well as time spent creating your specific order. In stock inventory from the shop require 1-3 days processing time, USPS First Class Mail ships in 7-10 business days. Expidited shipping available upon request.  Custom Gems require more time to create, estimated shipping can be discussed at the time of the order. 

How much will Gina's Gems cost me? How is pricing determined?

Gems are priced based on factors such as time spent making them, materials used, and the complexity of the design. Contact me for quotes regarding custom orders. Special features that affect pricing include/but are not limited to: UV Blacklight Glow paint, Nippleless designs, Logos, and Mixed Media styles. All Original Gems, by design, cannot be custom ordered to include special features. Original Gems are priced as listed in my Etsy Shop and sold as/is. 

What are your accepted methods of payment?

If orders are made through my Etsy Shop, Etsy payment conditions apply. Contact me if necessary to discuss other possible payment options.

How can I contact Gina regarding orders, questions or concerns?

Send me an email at: 


(305) 923-4700

Message me through Etsy

Gina's Gems can also be found across social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. See HOME page for site links.